Solutions Architecture

The term "solutions architecture" refers to how an organisation's digital ecosystem is constructed, designed, and executed. A solutions architecture incorporates an architectural depiction of the solution that will execute your vision through implementation. In other words, solutions architecture is a foundation for your brand’s software development projects that gets tailored IT solutions for very specific business needs. This process is aided by defining functional requirements and stages of implementation which sets out a new and improved IT landscape


After a thorough deep dive into your current technology, our solutions architect re-evaluates and produces the best possible solutions to your technical problems. Our solutions architect ensures the prompt and accurate implementation of solutions. We use established industry patterns and standards while creating detailed solutions and evaluate your functional and non-functional requirements through a consumer-first mindset. We collaborate with the development teams to create a comprehensive solutions document called the Architecture Decision Document, which outlines the systems landscape, the implementation strategy, and functional requirements in detail.


Solution Architecture has a direct impact on your brand’s ROI because they keep up with the newest technology and market trends that helps choose the best solution for sustainable growth. It also has a crucial role to play in the following fields:​

  • Market Opportunity – Creating and suggesting best solutions to your tech problems require up-to-date knowledge on new innovations in the IT world.
  • Business goal – Solutions Architects are not just catering to your needs, but also your stakeholders, which helps them in aligning technological solutions with your business goals in a short period of time. ​
  • Budgeting – In a technical architectural environment, a solution architect provides clarity on the cost and resources a project will require throughout all stages of development and implementation.


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