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Designing a mobile app is not like designing a website. Since cell phones have a permanent presence in the user’s life, the design needs to be behaviour focused.

A website's design ends when you've got the content and images in place, and you're all done. But for a mobile app, the design process continues to include features like camera and fingerprint sensors, which need to be considered during optimisation.


We stick to core UI principles namely:

  • Clarity- Users should intuitively be able to complete any task within the shortest period.
  • Consistency- Consistency in applications helps us develop this muscle memory because consistency means that a user will have fewer things to learn (therefore reducing the amount of thought they need), which allows them to focus on other tasks at hand.
  • Familiarity- Humans have a tendency of finding comfort in familiar things, which increases user-retention and has higher chances of the user coming back to your app.
  • Breathing Space- Presence of white space around content draws the user’s attention to the important parts of content and ensures greater readability and retention.


Survival and distinction are two qualities that are required to catch the eye in a crowded digital space, since more than half the world use smartphones accounting for over half of the world’s web traffic.​

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