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App development refers to developing an app for your brand/ business that is easily accessible for your users. Creating an app is a major step for most businesses, since it takes more time and resources compared to just building a website.


Developing an app is a laudable triumph, and we're here to crown your success. It involves six major steps that we specially focus on:​

  • Strategy – Here we identify users, outline your app’s goals and objectives, research relevant competition, and choose a hosting platform for your app​
  • Analysis – We prepare a roadmap for your app with a timeline. If the timeline seems longer than expected then we outline and define our MVP (Minimum viable product), which is an app with just enough features for your early users to use.
  • UI/UX Design - Then we get to the user’s seamless, interactive and intuitive experience design that include Information architecture + workflow, wireframing and style guide.
  • Development - Here we focus on Back-end development, APIs (Application Programming Interface) and Front-end development
  • Testing – This is our QA (quality assurance) phase wherein we test all aspects of the app, including User Experience testing, functional testing, device testing, platform testing, performance testing and security testing​
  • Deployment and Support – This is the last step where we launch the app and then move on to tracking the KPI’s that measure your app’s progress.


One of the most important reasons for your brand to develop an app is people’s propensity to use apps for anything and everything these days, from getting food delivered to your doorstep to getting a massage in the comfort of your home. Besides this, other statistical information shows promise:

  • People spend more than half of the time they spend on mobile devices, on apps.​
  • 85% consumers prefer native apps over websites
  • An average user has over 30 apps installed on their phone.

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