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In an E-commerce business, seizing the marketplace with the right design is of utmost importance, since that's the first thing your users interact with before they decide to make a purchase. It is essentially a digital replica of a retail store that your user visits to shop for their desired products.​


First impression is EVERYTHING. So, we make sure to tick these boxes while designing an E-commerce webpage:​

  • The design should highlight the products you are selling immediately.
  • Easy access, a process that doesn’t require too many clicks to place an order.
  • Consistent branding, enables the user to feel comfortable while interacting with your brand.


It takes a total of 50 milliseconds for the user to judge your marketplace and declare it memorable or call it quits. Therefore, it is crucial to design your digital store in a way that makes them feel as though they are in a well-organised, attractive retail store that provides greater value than a run-down, disheveled one.

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