May 27, 2024

Voice Search Optimisation in Digital Marketing


Are you familiar with Voice Search Optimisation? It's a buzz-worthy topic in digital marketing, and it's all about making your online content easily discoverable by devices like Alexa, Siri, and Google Home. Why is this important? Because more and more people are using voice search to ask questions out loud, whether they're multitasking or just feeling lazy. As a business owner, you'd want your content to be the first suggestion when someone asks for a whole-grain taco recipe while kneading dough, right? So, optimising your content for voice search is a smart move. 

The Rise of Voice Search in Digital Marketing

Ever felt like we're living in a sci-fi movie? Well, if you've ever shouted a question across the room to your trusty digital assistant and got an answer, you're living the dream, buddy! Now, let's time-travel back to 2016 real quick - Google dropped a statistic that had everyone's jaws on the floor: 20% of all mobile queries were coming in hot via voice search. Fast forward to 2020, and that number had catapulted to a whopping 50%! Talk about a mic drop moment. 

So, what's the big deal with voice search SEO, you ask? Imagine this: instead of tapping away at your keyboard like it's 1999, you just throw your question into the air, and voila, you've got your answer. Thanks to some serious brainpower in AI and Natural Language Processing (or NLP, for those in the know), machines are getting pretty darn good at understanding us humans - quirks, dialects, and all. 

Now, if you're a marketer or business owner and you're not yet tuning into this voice search symphony, let's just say you're missing out on the concert of the century. Why? Because voice search trends are redefining how we think about digital marketing strategies. It's personal, it's direct, and most importantly, it's what your customers are using, right here, right now. 

The "Speak Easy" Revolution 

First off, let’s talk about why voice search optimisation should be on your radar. With over 50% of all searches expected to be voice-activated, it’s no longer a wave of the future—it’s the tsunami of the present! And if you think about it, voice search is like having a conversation with your device. The queries are more natural, longer, and typically pose direct questions.  

Getting Chatty with it 

To dominate in voice search, your content needs to be the best chatty Cathy. How can you do this? Utilise long-tail keywords that match the conversational tone of voice queries. Think less “Mexican cuisine whole grains” and more “What are the best whole grain Mexican dishes?”. 

Also, embrace the FAQ format on your pages. This is a fabulous way to naturally incorporate those conversational phrases your potential customers are using. Google loves this stuff. Why? Because it makes it easier to pluck out answers for those voice search queries. 

Local Legends 

Did I mention that a huge chunk of voice search is local? Oh, you bet! People are often on the go asking their devices for the “best pizza place near me” or “Mexican restaurant with whole grains nearby.” So, make sure your local SEO for voice search is stronger than grandma’s coffee. Claim your Google My Business listing, keep your information updated, and collect those golden reviews. 

Speedy Website 

Here’s a fun fact: if your website loads as fast as a sloth crossing the road, you're losing the race. Website speed is vital for voice search optimisation. Why? Because when people use voice search, they're usually looking for quick answers. If your site is slow, voice assistants might skip you faster than a hiccup. 

Straight Talk 

Let’s not beat around the bush. Voice search optimisation is not just another SEO trend—it's the big league now. The way we ask questions is changing, and our digital marketing strategies need to speak the same language. 

Become the answer to your audience's questions. Be conversational, be local, be quick, and most importantly, be there. Because when someone asks, “Hey Siri, where’s the best place to get Mexican cuisine with whole grains?” you want Siri to be like, “Right this way, my friend!” 

Are You Ready to be Heard? 

Okay, folks, it's your move. Time to amplify your voice search game. Not sure where to start? That's what we're here for. Our team in Perth and Bangalore breathes SEO, so you don't have to hyperventilate over it. We are tuned to the latest in SEO, including the art and science of being found (and heard) online. Let us help you make your content sing the right tune for voice search content strategy. Contact us today, and let's chat—literally. 

Remember, in the world of SEO, being heard is just as crucial as being seen. Now, go out there and make some noise! 


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