Aug 17, 2023

Publicity is good: If you have a stomach for all of it


Today, we're diving into the wild world of publicity and how all publicity can be great if you've got the stomach for it. Strap in because we're about to explore some missed opportunities, celebrity marriage dramas, and the power of standing out in the sea of "boring, is the new, new."  

Remember that infamous Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad? It's a classic example of how a brand can miss the mark and stumble into the abyss of controversy. The intention might have been to spread a message of unity, but the execution was tone-deaf, trivialising severe social issues. Pepsi tried to be hip, relevant, and inclusive but became a major faux pas. The recent Budlite ad also fell victim to the same trap. Companies that try too hard to be cool and relevant often lose sight of their authenticity. But they forget - they can still channel the potential. Tell you what, none of the companies have made a dent in the profit margins.   

What they missed was the golden opportunity to be exclusively different. Standing out is the key in a world of mundane and predictable advertisements. Audiences are hungry for something fresh, daring, and authentic. Being bold and taking risks can pay off big time. Let's face it; boring is just that—boring! We're living in a world where being unique and having the courage to be different is celebrated. Brands must embrace a 'new' distinctiveness and let their freak on! It is like how celebrities use their marriage turmoils to create a PR frenzy. It's no secret that drama sells, and the media loves juicy scandals. When a high-profile celebrity's marriage hits a rough patch, it becomes a feeding frenzy for tabloids and gossip magazines. But let's be honest. Sometimes, the hype is far from reality. These situations are often blown out of proportion, and there's not much happening apart from the usual sleeping around, which is, unfortunately, pretty standard in any sphere of life.  

Publicity, my friends, is all about making noise and letting people know you exist. The ultimate goal is to create a following of devoted fans who will sing your praises far and wide. Think about the phenomenon surrounding Rajnikanth, the South Indian superstar. Try saying something negative about him, and you'll see how his fans fiercely defend him. That's the power of turning your audience into your biggest advocates.  

But what can businesses and brands do to harness this power for themselves? That's where Outre steps in. At Outre, we understand the importance of digital PR in today's world. We help clients identify critical parameters that will work specifically for their company and industry. You can use digital PR to its most significant advantage. Remember, it's not just about creating a splash; it's about leaving a lasting impression and connecting with your audience on a deeper level.  

Learn from the missed opportunities of Pepsi and Budlite, and embrace your uniqueness. Let the world know you exist and turn your audience into your most vocal supporters. Until next time, stay bold, stay authentic and become distinctive.


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