May 02, 2024

Google Ads Vs. Facebook ads: Choosing the Right Platform for Your Campaign Goals


Are you ready to choose between Google Ads and Facebook ads for your digital advertising campaign? Let's start with Google Ads. Google Ads can help you reach billions of users actively searching for products or services because of its extensive network of search engine partners. You can target specific keywords and demographics to ensure your ads are shown to the right people at the right time.  

In comparison, Facebook ads have a vast user base and detailed audience targeting options. Both platforms have their strengths, so choosing the right one for your campaign goals is important. We are here to help you make that decision. 

But let's not forget about Facebook ads. Having 2.8 billion monthly active users, Facebook offers a broader range of audience just waiting to discover your brand. And the targeting options? They're on another level. You can reach people depending on their interests, demographics, and online behaviours. It's like having a crystal ball to predict what your audience wants.   

Your specific campaign goals will determine which one to use when choosing between Google Ads and Facebook ads. Whether you want immediate conversions or long-term brand building, Outré social media Agency in Perth can provide customised strategies to maximise your results. 

Advantages of Google Ads  

These offers several benefits that make it a powerful platform for digital advertising.  

  • Reach: With Google's extensive network of search engine partners, your ads have the potential to reach billions of users actively searching for products or services. This vast reach allows you to tap into a highly engaged audience and increase your brand visibility.  
  • Targeting: Targeted advertising is another benefit of Google Ads that will allow you to target specific keywords and demographics, ensuring your ads are shown to the right people at the right time. You can get to the users searching for products or services like yours by selecting relevant keywords.  
  • Instant Credibility: Being visible on Google can give your brand instant credibility. Users who see your ads at the top of Google's search results are more likely to perceive your brand as trustworthy and reliable. This can significantly affect their decision-making process and can increase the chances of conversion.  
  • Flexible Budgeting: When it comes to cost and budget considerations, Google Ads are a PPC advertising platform. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad (pay-per-click), which means you can optimise your budget and allocate more resources to the campaigns generating the best results.  

Advantages of Facebook Ads  

Facebook advertisers provide unique benefits, making it an excellent platform for digital advertising.  

  • Massive User Base: With 2.8 billion monthly active users, Facebook offers businesses access to an extensive audience. This vast user base allows businesses to get a broad range of potential customers and brand awareness.  
  • Detailed Audience Targeting: Facebook lead generation allows you to get to specific audiences based on their interests, demographics, and online behaviours. This level of customisation ensures that your ads are seen by the most important audience, increasing the chances of engagement and conversion.  
  • Visual Appeal: These offer various ad formats, enabling the businesses to visually showcase their products or services. You can choose the format that best represents your brand, from image to video, carousel, and collection ads.   
  • Engagement and Social Proof: Facebook ads can generate engagement and social proof allowing the users to like, comment on, and share your ads and create a sense of community around your brand.  

Creating a Google Ad Campaign  

Executing a Google Ads campaign involves several carefully planned steps for optimal results. 

  • Keyword Research: Conduct comprehensive keyword research for identifying important keywords that align with your products or services. Use keyword research tools to discover search volume, competition, and other relevant metrics.  
  • Ad Copy Creation: Create compelling ad copy that includes your target keywords. Craft engaging headlines and descriptions that entice users to click on your ads. Highlight unique selling points and include persuasive calls to action.  
  • Campaign Structure: Organise your campaign into ad groups based on related keywords and themes. This will help you to create highly relevant ad copies and effectively target specific audiences.  
  • Ad Extensions: Utilise ad extensions to enhance your ads and provide additional information to users. Ad extensions, like site link extensions, call extensions, and location extensions, can improve your ad's visibility and encourage users to act.  
  • Tracking and Optimisation: Implement conversion tracking to measure the success of your campaigns. Monitor your campaign performance, analyse data, and make data-driven optimisations to improve your results.  

Creating a Facebook Ads Campaign  

Developing a successful Facebook advertising campaign requires a well-planned strategy and meticulous attention to detail. 

  • Audience Targeting: Leverage Facebook's detailed targeting options to define your target audience. Use demographics, interests, and online behaviours to create customised audience segments.  
  • Ad Creative: Create visually appealing and compelling ads of high-quality images or videos that showcase your products or services effectively.  
  • Ad Format Selection: Choose the ad format that goes with your campaign goals and target audience. Facebook offers various formats, including image, video, carousel, and collection ads.  
  • Budget Optimisation: Set your budget and bidding strategy based on your campaign goals. Facebook offers various bidding options, including cost per click (CPC) and cost per impression (CPM).  
  • Ad Placement: Determine where your ads will be displayed on Facebook's platform. Facebook offers various ad placements, including news feeds, right columns, and audience networks.  
  • Tracking and Measurement: Implement Facebook Pixel to track the success of your campaigns and measure conversions. Facebook Pixel lets you analyse user behaviour and optimise your campaigns based on data-driven insights.  

When advertising online, creating ads that connect with your target audience is important. Whatever platform you choose, the key to success is ensuring your ads are compelling and optimised. If you need help with your online advertising, Outré in Perth can assist you. Our expertise as a PPC agency can help you create ads that stand out and get exceptional results. 

To get started with digital advertising, choose the right platform for your campaign goals and create ads that attract your audience. Outré Digital is a social media agency in Perth that can guide you every step of the way. We'll help you make your brand shine! Contact us today to take the next step on your digital advertising journey.


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