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Sautéing Fraser’s Digital Strategy to perfection


About Fraser’s Restaurant:

Fraser's restaurant has a reputation for its high-quality, contemporary cuisine, made with the freshest ingredients sourced from local West Australian producers. The restaurant's versatile menu and exceptional service make for a truly memorable dining experience. Nestled on Fraser Avenue, within the picturesque Kings Park, Fraser's takes its name from the street and the second Surveyor-General of Perth, Malcolm Fraser. A visit to Fraser's is a must-have for any food lover looking for a unique and elegant dining experience.



Fraser's is a well-known restaurant that excels in many areas, but digital marketing was not one of its strong suits. In today's world, where over 90% of the population is online, it is important for businesses to have a strong online presence.

In Perth, where there is no shortage of delicious restaurants with great ambience, Fraser's needed to find a way to stand out and attract customers online, just as it has done successfully offline for decades. That's where our team of expert marketers came in.

Using data-driven strategies, we helped Fraser's develop a digital marketing plan that worked effectively to achieve its goals. With our assistance, Fraser's was able to expand its online presence, attract new customers and showcase the restaurant in the best possible light.


To skyrocket Fraser's brand awareness, we crafted a tailor-made strategy with clear goals in mind. Our strategy included:

A flexible monthly content plan that was regularly adjusted to maximise visibility for Fraser's. We benchmarked against local and national competition to stay on top.

Consistent posting at the peak times for Fraser's audience, as per research findings. In a constantly changing social media landscape, consistency is crucial for success.

Highlighting high-quality visuals through regular photoshoots and video shoots. Our team of photographers and videographers captured Fraser's essence and followed the visual guidelines set by our social media team. We made sure to show Fraser's at their finest through beautiful photos and engaging videos.


Check out the results





Our team at Outré assisted Fraser's Restaurant in reaching new heights on social media platforms. By crafting engaging content tailored to its audience, Fraser's gained a dedicated following, high engagement rates, and a wide reach.

The key to our success was building a consistent, visually appealing brand identity across all platforms. We also made sure to keep Fraser's ahead of the latest social media trends ensuring they stay relevant and engaging for their followers.

All in all, we’ve helped Fraser's Restaurant to soar high on social media, building a massive fanbase and making a buzz in the industry.

We turned Fraser's social media presence into a powerhouse, and that's no small feat!



Gone are the days when a brand's image was limited to its TV commercials or billboards. Today, a brand's identity is also shaped by how it presents itself in the digital world – from its search engine results and website to its social media presence and mobile app.

At Outré, we believe in using storytelling and multiple touchpoints to build organic communities for our clients. By carefully mapping out customer experiences and actions, we help brands create marketing campaigns that are closely aligned with their goals and resonate with their audience. Our focus on building relationships and connections through social and relational strategies sets us apart and allows us to create truly effective digital marketing campaigns.

Why PARTNER with us?

With Outré as their partner, Fraser's has successfully stood out in the competitive digital landscape of Perth. Our team provided ongoing support and expert guidance, ensuring that Fraser's was always on the cutting edge of digital marketing.

Thanks to our collaboration, Fraser's has seen an influx of new customers and a stronger presence in the community. Our efforts have helped the restaurant increase brand awareness and reach new audiences.

In short, Outré’s partnership with Fraser's has been a recipe for success, turning the restaurant into a shining star in the digital world of Perth.


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